An invite-only community of builders and maintainers who are focused on open source software projects.

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Why is this needed?

A rising tide lifts all boats.

Entrepreneurs and startup founders rely on networking and communities to build and grow their businesses. One benefit that these founders have, that is often overlooked, is by taking venture capital they become a part of a larger network. VCs connect founders and companies together to share knowledge and resources to give their portfolio of companies the best chance to succeed.

While finding a place to discuss open source software and technologies on the internet is not hard to find, there is no equivalent dedicated space for those actively building open source projects to network among each other, share knowledge, and grow together.


The goal of the Open Builders community is to create a community of maintainers and project leaders focused on building open source software. Especially smaller projects that are not corporate backed. We want to create a space where people can share knowledge, learn from each other, and grow together.

What it is for

  1. Discussing high-level topics and challenges around running and building open source projects.
  2. Sharing solutions, ideas and resources.
  3. Asking for suggestions.
  4. Promoting your wins with peers.
  5. Offering encouragement and community.

What it is not for

  1. Discussing detailed technical challenges, programming languages or architectures.
  2. Offering or soliciting general support for your projects.


Being invite-only isn't meant to exclude people or to take the "open" out of open source, but simply to ensure that we build something that is unique and not just another tech chat or support room for software.

If you're involved in building open source projects and would like to join the Open Builders community either contact an existing member or contact us with the following form.